19 October 2007

This Friday Five is in homage to Top Chef.

If you were a food, what would you be?
BBQ - smoked slowly, but worth waiting for; saucy when appropriate; basic, unfancy, down to earth.

What is one of the most memorable meals you ever had? And where?
If I can't think of one, what does that say about me?

What is your favorite comfort food from childhood?
beanie weanies.
And, of course, BBQ.

When going to a church potluck, what one recipe from your kitchen is sure to be a hit?
Pound cake: plain and with variations from Southern Living; but I can't bake anymore because of the celiac -- inhaling the flour dust makes me sick.

What’s the strangest thing you ever willingly ate?
OK. I admit it. I'm a middle class American and I do NOT like funky foods. That said, I was with a student group in Florence and they fed us seafood salad. We american kids were thinking "tuna" -- but tuna doesn't have little suckers on it. I don 't think any of us ate more than a bite or two.

Bonus question: What’s your favorite drink to order when looking forward to a great meal?
A nice glass of Zinfindel. (Not the pink stuff.)