19 September 2008

Autumn Friday Five

Songbird at RevGalBlogPals writes: It's that time of year, at least north of the equator. The windows are still open, but the darned furnace comes on early in the morning. My husband went out for a walk after an early supper and came home in full darkness.

And yes, where we live, leaves are beginning to turn.

As this vivid season begins, tell us five favorite things about fall:

1) A fragrance: Pumpkin pie (least favorite was the place I lived that still allowed leaf burning!)

2) A color: I love the fall colors (my wardrobe attests to this), I like the dark orange that moves toward mustard yellow. And my favorite outside is the clear red of the maple.

3) An item of clothing: my suede skirt, midcalf and full. Only drawback: no pockets. But I really like the skirt anyway. And my turtle necks. I have many in different paisleys.

4) An activity: walks in the woods.

5) A special day: My B-Day! It's still a ways off, but it's in fall.

10 September 2008

temporarily hijacked by the cats

Mugsy over at MEOW challenged us kitties:
Mugsy here!!!!! Wanna play?
Here's the rules:
1. Any animal can play, except human beings, cuz they do their own memes! Thank you very much! (Well, we've gotten in on a couple of those friday five things, but this one is JUST FOR US!)
2. If you play be sure and tag another pet pal to play and be sure they know they got tagged.
3. Answer the nine questions (duh, nine lives, nine questions).
4. Be honest
5. Let people know you played too!
Here we go....
1. Favorite place to nap? on the back of a living room chair. in the front window seat in the sun, or in the basket on mama's desk.
2. Favorite past time? napping and chasing each other
3. Favorite treat? Padme: food Delenn: Banana! (I even bite into them on the counter if Mama doesn't give me any)
4. Indoor or outdoor preference? Indoor. But we like to watch the birdies at the feeder, and sometimes we go on the patio.
5. How did you come to live with your peeps? Delenn: I came from the shelter in a southern town. Padme: I came from a kitty rescue at the pet store in a more northerly locale.
6. Litter box, tree or fire hydrant? litter box, but Delenn won't poop in it. I would, too, if you didn't sneak up on me.
7. Best toy you ever got? balls of paper or anything small and light to bat and chase around. I also like paper towel rolls, they're just the right size and texture to shred! (Padme)
8.Sleep in or early riser? the sun is up, why are you still in bed?
9. Wish for all the world? All the kitties have a warm dry place to sleep, a full food bowl, and hoomans to love.

05 September 2008

Friday Five -- Weeping behind a mask

Sally at RevGalBlogPals writes:
I have recently been reading a book entitled Jesus wept, it is all about vulnerability in leadership. The authors speak of how Jesus shared his earthly frustrations and vulnerabilities with a select group of people. To some he was the charismatic leader and teacher, to others words of wisdom were opened and explained and some frustrations shared, to his "inner circle of friends: Peter, James and John, he was most fully himself, and in all of these things he was open to God.

So I bring you this weeks Friday 5:

1. Is vulnerability something that comes easily to you, or are you a private person?
Let me see, can I answer that? hmmm, let's look at previous blog entries, OK, I think it's clear. AA: Not vulnerable. Hiding behind a pseudonym and STILL very private. Yep, that's me. I can reveal that much. I think. (BTW, I did NOT like CPE!)

2.How important is it to keep up a professional persona in work/ ministry?
Very, but it must be consistent with the true persona. A subset, if you will. Not a false front. Walking the line without revealing too much, but still maintaining integrity of the person you are. IOW: I am who I am -- I just don't let it all hang out all the time.

3. Masks, a form of self protection discuss...
Well, Yes. But also sometimes truly detrimental.
For Good:
  • They can help us get through when we have private pain that would be made worse by being public.
  • They can help us try on new roles and ways of being that we might not "fit into", at least not just yet.
  • masks donned to fit in or to create an illusion of something we're not to please/appease someone, especially when worn too often or too long, can cause us to begin to mistake the mask for ourselves.
  • Masks worn with friends -- there should be someone with whom you're genuine.

4. Who knows you warts and all?
I left most of my good friends when I moved, and I stink at long distance relationships. After 2 years, I'm starting to make friends here, as I also prepare myself to move after seminary. So, not so many folk here, now.

5. Share a book, a prayer, a piece of music, a poem or a person that touches the deep place in your soul, and calls you to be who you are most authentically.
Walking Wounded by Don Francisco. Challenges me to not retreat "alone behind the window curtained with her pride, she'll once again embrace her pain and turn away inside".

I'm not overly fond of the graphics on this, but it is a Don Francisco singing.