02 November 2007

Gannet Girl's friend Tipper agreed to interview us, so we sneaked onto the food giver's computer!

And here's one for the kitties!
Dear Delenn and Padme,

1. Those are unusual names! How/where did you get them?
Delenn: I am named after Delenn in Babylon 5. She was a hero of the Grey council and I'm grey.
Padme: I was named after Padme Amidala. Cause Mom thought I was just a handmaiden, but found out I was really the princess!

2. I am the only four-legged creature left in my house. Do you have others in yours?
D: Mommy keeps trying but Daddy won't let her near the adoption cages in PetsMart. I for one am glad.
P: I want someone else to chase up and down the stairs!

3. I have noticed that cats don't have much interest in me. What are your feelings about dogs?
D: will you feed me or pet me?
P: Can we play?

4. We had a found cat here for a few weeks last summer. He made himself at home rather quickly. Too quickly, in my estimation. Where are yuor favorite parts of the house?
D: on the foot of the bed, especially if there are nice clean clothes that haven't been put away yet. Second favorite is on Mommy's desk in front of the monitor. I cannot imagine why that flat light is more interesting than I am!
P: in the sun in the front window where the whole neighborhood can see me! Otherwise on anything dark so I can show off my beautiful white fur, And on top Mommy's books when she's studying.

5. My human noticed that your human's blog name is Greek. She is very proud of her quite limited vocabulary, but I am sick of it, because there are Greek worksheets and notes all over my bed. Would you describe yourselves as more Greek, more Egyptian, or more American types of the feline persuasion?
D: Daddy tells me I'm Russian Blue, but the lady at the pound place called me a DSH. That doesn't sound nearly as exciting.
P: I came from a very nice neighborhood, thank you very much. hmph.

Looking forward to learning more about you,Your new friend,Tipper the Dog
We enjoyed the interview! Delenn and Padme

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Gannet Girl said...

Just found this in response to your comment! Beautiful kitties, I can tell. We used to have a dsh who was clearly a Russian blue. And I am grateful to know that life wil not end due to impossibility of learning Grek prepositions.