06 February 2008

The Kingdom of God

What is the Kingdom of God?
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You scored as The Kingdom is mystical communion

The Kingdom is mostly mystical communion. You place a strong emphasis on continuity with those who have gone before you in the faith, and you might see the Kingdom of God as primarily a matter of spirituality.

The Kingdom as a counter-system


The Kingdom is mystical communion


The Kingdom is a Future Hope


Kingdom as a Christianised Society


Inner spiritual experience


The Kingdom as Earthly Utopia


The Kingdom as a political state


The Kingdom as Institutional Church


1 comment:

Gannet Girl said...

Hmmmm. I scored both Kingdom as a Christianized society and a mystical communion as 83%, but as political state at 0% and future hope (as, apparently, opposed to present possiblity) at 8%.

I think that means that in some contradictory (not surprising for me)way I am focused more on the this world than the next, but in spiritual and community, not political terms?