25 April 2008

Modern Friday Five

In today's Friday Five, Singing Owl writes: Yesterday I had two separate conversations in which people were musing about how much change is occurring. The WW II generation, of which my mom is a part, went from horse and buggy to automobiles, saw the lessening, or even the end of many diseases, went from widespread use of kerosene lamps and outhouses (in the country, and most folks were rural)) to a totally electrified and plumbed society. The fastest means of communication was a telegraph. The second conversation--gulp--was about MY generation and how much change occurred in the last half of the 20th century. The person said his 13 year old had not seen a vinyl record album until a few days before, couldn't remember a time without cell phones, and on and on.

As for the questions!

1. What modern convenience/invention could you absolutely, positively not live without?
The interesting thing about this is what we consider "modern". So, I'll go with things mainstreamed in my lifetime. (So I won't answer "washing machine" here!) Computer. I couldn't do all these papers for seminary with a typewriter! and Logos is my salvation for exegesis.

2. What modern convenience/invention do you wish had never seen the light of day? Why?
Cell phone. Because it makes people think we should be available to them 24x7.

3. Do you own a music-playing device older than a CD player? More than one? If so, do you use it (them)?
I do own a boom box with CD and cassette, and there's a cassette player in my car. yes, I still use them, although the cassettes are dying. And of, course, I still listen to radio.
My husband on the other hand, still owns a turntable and reel to reel (he had two R2Rs when we married, He got rid of one, the other is in storage in the garage...at least until I find it and sell it on ebay!)

4. Do you find the rapid change in our world exciting, scary, a mix...or something else?
I don't find it either, it just is. I don't always keep up., but I'm not afraid or intimidated, just can't be bothered with the stuff I don't see as useful.

5. What did our forebears have that we have lost and you'd like to regain? Bonus points if you have a suggestion of how to begin that process.
conversation times without the TV or interruptions. Time sitting out on the back porch with friends in actual communion. Maybe I'll invite someone over. Next week of course, there's too much to do tonight!


Singing Owl said...

Conversation! Ah yes indeed!

And I LOVE your banner...beautiful picture!

Mrs. M said...

We try to have friends over for dinenr every couple of months, and it seems like an old-fashioned thing to do. (We really love it.)

RevAnne said...

Love your #5. I used to have a supper club where people came over to eat and talk for hours...miss that.

1-4 Grace said...

I am with you on the cell phone. In my orevious church i was surprised at the number of "angry" messages i would get when i did not answer the phone right then... even if making a nursing home or hospital visit where i either had phone off or left it in car.
When did having a cell phone mena we had to answer it right then>??
So, sadd...
Also, loved #5. I could truly go back to Mayberry and be happy.