28 June 2008

Today I weep

Today I weep most for the children we have betrayed, those who will not know the power of the grace of Christ to overcome in their lives because we have chosen to tell them they don't need it. How can they hear without someone preaching to them?

Today I weep for those who have abdicated their responsibilities as teachers and guides and have chosen to let the sheep find their own path, one not of the shepherd's making. Yet we have chosen not just to remain silent, but to affirm error as truth. I weep for them, for we know the teachers will be judged more strictly.

Today I weep for those who choose the wisdom of the world over the revelation of God, who are driven by their own desires instead of the Word of God, who place sexual satisfaction over obedience, and chose instead to listen to what tickles their ears.

Today I weep.

Tomorrow I will once again resume my post as watchman, commanded to proclaim what I see, regardless of the consequences.

but I continue to weep, and to pray.


Quotidian Grace said...

Blessings, Althea. I weep and pray with you. Excellent post.

Gannet Girl said...

I hope that we can find a way to talk about this. I know we see it differently, but we are still sisters in Christ.