22 January 2010

travel Friday Five

Songbird at RevGalBlogPals gives us the following Friday Five: By the time you're reading this, I'll be en route to a Great Big City to see my son in a play. I'll go by car and bus and train and no doubt cab and maybe even subway. Thus, our Friday Five.

1) What was the mode of transit for your last trip?
RV. We've had the RV for about 12 years now, and we took it on a long trip this past summer, with the cats, to visit my presbytery of care and get examined and blessed to look for a call, to Atlanta to shmooze at a national event in search of a call, to visit my family and preach in the church where I was baptized and confirmed, and then back up through Presbyterian Mecca in NC and back to current abode. 5 weeks total, although 2 weeks were a little more spread out in the family's house on the river.

2) Have you ever traveled by train?
Yes, When I was a young lass, my Girl Scout troop took the train to Savannah to visit the Daisy Gordon Low home. As a business person, I took the train several times from DC to NY for business trips. Much more pleasant and efficient that flying for my locations.

3) Do you live in a place with public transit, and if so, do you use it?
yes and no. It doesn't tend to go where I want to without lots of transfers.

4) What's the most unusual vehicle in which you've ever traveled?
hmmmm. Here, I am boring. I don't even have any unusual cars to reference.

5) What's the next trip you're planning to take?
A week from today, over to my church of care (5 hours each way) to be ordained.


Songbird said...

I think traveling in an RV with cats counts!

DH said...

Yeah ... especially when they either try to walk in front of the driver, or cower under his seat (sigh) !!

DH said...

OK ... when are you going to update this blog and let people know the good news ??

BTW .. I am so proud and blessed to have you as my spouse!!