11 June 2010

MomPriest over at RevGalBlogPals posits the following for this week's Friday five....

For this Friday Five let's ponder the various ways we work out (or not), physically, spiritually, and/or psychologically.

1. Do you work out physically, spiritually, or psychologically? (I'll let you define what that might mean to you)
I do not work out physically -- I'm an Immagunna who never does. Spiritually/psychologically? Daily devotions and weekly sermons put me in contact with the Word which I probe and which probes me in return. I'm in my first call as a pastor, so all the things I have to deal with in the congregation system require me to examine my reactions and motivations and turn them over to God (usually multiple times because I keep taking them back) so, yeah, i think I'm getting a work out here.

2. Are you more inclined to join a gym, or a book club?
Book Club. Definitely. Now that I'm out of seminary I can read for my own pleasure!

3. Are you more inclined to read self-help books like Gail Sheehy's "Passages" or spiritual books like Richard Rohr or Theresa of Avila? And if so, what is your favorite?
Spiritual books. I just re-read Yearning by Craig Barnes (which helps keep all this "not quite good enough" in perspective) and read the Relational WORD.

4. Are you a loyal fan of a sports team? Or do you join the bandwagon when the local team is winning? And, if so, which one?
Gators. 'nuff said. Been a fan since I was in a onesie, back when they could scarcely get a win in a game, much less a season!

5. Or do you lean more toward having a favorite theologian/Spiritual writer or self help author and if so, who? And, why.
I have not settled on a favorite, still reading many.

Bonus: What was the last play-off series you watched and did your team win?
NCAA football and, uh, that would be a no.


Mompriest said...

I agree, the first few years of a first call take a lot out of a pastor - so you are getting a workout, indeed! Glad you played, I'll have to check out the books you suggest.

Robin said...

A post! Amazing!

DH said...

I agree Robin, I was floored ;)