25 June 2010

Summertime Friday five

Today's Friday Five over at RevGalBlogPals invites us to share five things we love--or don't--about summer.

1. Love: Blackberries -- the edible kind, not the cell phone kind! I used to love to go to the hill behind my great-grandmother's house and pick them! I'd come home with as much on my face as in the bucket (more in my belly!) and Mom would make cobbler. YUM! I also remember one day at the end of school, when I was 6 (?) I was walking home, which included a short stretch of dirt road which had, you guessed it, BLACKBERRIES! I got home around 4:30, Mom was frantic, I was confused. I hadn't gone anywhere but straight home. The fact that it took me an extra hour because I was picking blackberries didn't register on a little mind.

2. Don't Love: heat and humidity. I am a native Floridian, but hey, we Floridians know what AC is. These northerners don't realize that at 85 degrees and 75%+ humidity, one should have AC. Especially in churches and manses (that last bit could be personal prejudice).

3. Love: Vacation in the mountains. I'm headed to Presbyterian Mecca next week over the fourth of July weekend and a few extra days in the NC mountains. I spent several summers of my youth at a summer camp right down the road from PM, so it's kind of a homecoming.

4. Don't Love: Did I mention heat and humidity? We've moved services to 10 instead of 11, but it doesn't really help. I'm not wearing the Geneva gown, but I still wear a blazer, but maybe not this week. 88 predicted for Sunday. But I get more comments about my outfit than the sermon when I'm not wearing the gown... Do men deal with this? don't answer that!

5. Love: Veggies from my garden. OK. I was late planting because of the move, so I'm not yet harvesting, but the zucchini has blossomed and it looks like I have a couple of tiny okra pods, so, soon.


Mompriest said...

I agree, I love the fruit and veggies of summer, but NOT the humidity....(fresh blackberries, yum!)

Auntie Knickers said...

Great play, and good luck finding something cool to preach in. Someone should design a preaching robe in handkerchief linen, my favorite summer fabric.

altar ego said...

I once wore a bathing suit under my vestments on an incredibly hot Sunday in a church with no A/C. No one was the wiser. It was a one-piece, if that matters!

The freshness of summer is awesome.

LutheranChik said...

Fresh blackberries are definitely worth the cost of wearing long-sleeved flannel in 90-degree heat, and the inevitable bloodshed anyway.;-) (They make a killer fresh fruit pie mixed with a glaze of Royal blackberry Jello, if you can find that flavor, sugar, water and cornstarch.)

Jan said...

What a great story about blackberries, though maybe not in your mother's memories. But as a mother myself, I think the memory would be mellower because you were okay.

Love the berries this time of year, and I am so with you about humidity--YUCK!

Songbird said...

Berries right off the bush are a delicacy, indeed. No wonder you lost track of time!

Processing Counselor said...

And how about sugar snap peas!

Althea N. Agape said...

no blossoms yet on the sugar snap peas :(