12 January 2008


At two weeks post-op I'm finding out what I can and cannot do yet. Classes are draining. I mean, you don't do anything but sit there, How can I be so tired? I'm not even driving to and fro, I have drafted DH for that.

Now I have to set a schedule for next term. Will I have recovered energy? will I be able to do 10 hour days? And CPE this summer, is it worth finishing the essays? I won't submit them until after the Dr's appointment because I haven't gotten the pathology report back from surgery. I might have other things on my mind this summer. But I have to turn in my course registration BEFORE the Dr, because I need to get into the right practicum sections. I don't even know what course load I'll be able to handle, but I have to register.

stepping on faith. God brought me here for a reason. I've made it through half of the program. I have to believe he wants me to finish.

Deep breaths and focus on the paper due Tuesday. Ignore the laundry that I'm not allowed to touch and the dishwasher that needs unloading -- off limits. but the catbox I might have to break the rules for. I don't think that can wait till DH gets home. Delenn and Padme deserve better.

yeah, right.
Scrabulous anyone?


Songbird said...

I'm up for it!
I had no idea you were recuperating from surgery. May you heal well and strengthen quickly.

Littlemankitty said...

kitty boxes are, indeed, very important, but I hope you feel better.

Ruby said...

You are in my thoughts. The wait is so hard. I admire you for moving forward.