04 January 2008

silliness and amusement

The Recipe For Althea

3 parts Humor
2 parts Warmth
1 part Mischief

Splash of Flirtation

Shake vigorously

and perhaps a bit true?

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1-4 Grace said...

Thanks for stopping by and a Happy New Year to you.
Poor kitties are still tramuatized when somebody comes to door.Afterall, it can't be good with all the commotion from before.
Just read your september post, as I saw the CPM label.
My experiences with the CPM was never good either. Same thing, no contact until soemthing was due.
My hope is to finally end up in a presby where I can be on the CPM and try to make a differnece.
I also have this crazy notion that I might end up someplace and serve on the COM. My experience with the one here was no conatact for two years and then when I asked for help, a "pastor" told me how great he was at doing the same type of job.
Okay, so anyhow, the only way we can truly make a difference is to hang in there, get someplace, and promote positive changes.
Hang in, do all the tricks and hopefully you will soon be able to do just that.